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Images help not only to communicate but also to engage the audience and spread the word. Images are powerful tools capable of simplifying speeches and of teaching complex concepts. This is also true in Science. With our help, you will be able to communicate ideas in a clear and visually beautiful way. That is our mission. That is what we love to do.

Our Work

Do you need an infographic, an illustration to explain a scientific concept, a representation of the microscopic world, a picture of the whole universe, or even beautiful backgrounds for a magazine? Come talk to us.

Are you a scientist looking for representations of your results and illustrations that summarize your findings? Or are you just willing to have your article featured in the cover of a scientific journal? We are here to help you.

We create any kind of 2D and 3D artwork for science communication. Come talk to us and don’t forget to take a look at our portfolio.



3D Artwork

3D Artwork

Schemes and illustrations

Schemes and


About Us


Made by scientists

Our team is composed by scientists who became designers for a mission: make science more beautiful. We understand the importance of accuracy and clarity in science communication and our background help us to apply these concepts in our designs. After years of working for the advance of science, we are now willing to help others scientists to express their ideas in an accessible and visually beautiful way.


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